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We invite you to purchase the book entitled "Thermal Transformation
of Municipal Waste - selected issues" by prof. Grzegorz Wielgosiński from
the University of Technology in Łódź.


Waste incineration raises many controversies and social protests. It is very
difficult to get social acceptance for the location for this type of investment.


The author's intention was to prepare a monograph that would bring
the readers a comprehensive way to the problem of waste incineration,
in particular municipal waste, provide reliable, objective information
and dispel the myths circulating around this problem. It should be useful
both for professional practitioners and students as well as for those
interested in the subject.


Price: 60 PLN gross + postal fee

Thermal Transformation of Municipal Waste
- selected issues

How to find oil - exploration and monitoring
of hydrocarbons by seismic methods

We are very pleased to inform you that a book written by dr. Zygmunt Trześniowski came out on the publishing market entitled "How to find oil - exploration and monitoring of hydrocarbons by seismic methods".

The book is an excellent compendium of professional knowledge for both experienced specialists, who have been in long term touch with hydrocarbon exploration, office workers, state and local geological workers, mining and environmental administration offices, as well as for financial and stock analysts dealing with the oil, gas and energy sectors.


Price: 44 PLN gross + postal fee