Consignees (readers) of the magazine: upper and middle level management, technical and administrative staff, members
of management boards and directors, heads and employees of procurement, reflection, development, organizational, technical, technological, repair, maintenance, engineering and IT departments related to the market, purchases, trade and deliveries of products, services and technologies in the industries mentioned above.


Range: all over the Poland

After clicking on the cover above or this link to free download in PDF
is a whole, one of the latest editions of the NTWP magazine in Polish

(periodically changed to make our offer more attractive).


is a modernly edited, independent bimonthly, dealing with the issues of broadly understood industrial economy in the Poland and in the world. The issues raised in the magazine include petrochemical, chemical, natural gas, LNG, shale gas, refinery, energy, heating and installation matters, specialized infrastructure, municipal and industrial construction, environmental protection as well as liquid and gas fuels and related sectors in the country and the world.