Publishing and Advertising Agency media2, editor including all over the Poland professional bi-monthly paper and digital the economic magazine titled MODERN TECHNOLOGIES IN INDUSTRY (original title: NOWOCZESNE TECHNOLOGIE W PRZEMYŚLE) offers services like below:












- Designing, preparing and placing advertisements, adverts and web banners on internet portals and into printed nationwide, regional, local and other press. We specialize in broadly understood press and commercial advertising, especially related
to the industrial, gas, petrochemical, chemical, fuel, heating, energy and IT sectors. We provide editorial prices


- Organization, coordination and consulting in the coverage of organization and participation in business conferences, shows and fairs

- Consultancy and realisation in the coverage of company folder and leaflet policy as well as newspapers and firm magazines,
starting from graphic design proposals, by composition and printing, to distribution of ready-made advertising materials

- Issuing, graphic composition, printing and fundraising for single and multiple book publications as well as magazines
and magazines

- Sourcing financial resources for charitable and social actions as well as for specialist and mass cultural and commercial events

- Conducting marketing research on products and services

- Public Relations services in the province of ​​industrial economy


Our company has operated since 2005 !