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The topics discussed in the magazine include:


- The market for crude oil, network natural gas, LNG and their products

- Forecasts for extraction, consumption and reserves of crude oil and natural gas

- Oil and gas prices as well as fuels and energy resources

- New markets and increase in production and consumption of oil and gas

- Gas power and opportunities for the development of the gas power sector

- New gas construction and repairs, maintenance and operation of existing transmission and distribution gas pipelines
as well as gas networks and devices

- Passive (paint coatings, tapes) and active (cathodic protection) corrosion protection and repair technologies for gas,
oil and industrial pipelines

- Detection of explosive gases, toxic gases and oxygen

- Portable and stationary gauges, analyzers and systems of gas composition and quality

- Economic and technical aspects of oil and gas exploration

- Exploration of oil and gas by seismic and drilling methods

- Designing, construction and operation of crude oil and natural gas mines and underground and overground oil
and gas tanks

- Transmission and distribution pipelines

- Hydrocarbon fuels (ethyline, ON, LPG, natural gas, LNG, CNG) and biofuels

- Wholesale and retail market of liquid and gas fuels

- Conventional power energy and renewable sources of energy and heating

- Power and heat energy from cogeneration (combined heat and power production)

- Characteristics of the energy and heating market in Poland

- The most economically effective sources of energy and fuels for energy power production and heating

- Forecasts for the production and consumption of electricity and heat

- Trading of gas and liquid fuels and electricity

- Integration and engineering companies in the industrial economy

- Specialized municipal, industrial and infrastructural construction

- Manufacturing, machinery and steel industry

- Maintenance services

- Industrial installations and installation equipment

- Steel engineering systems

- Trends and directions of development of the industrial valves market

- Types and coverage of available industrial valves

- Process valves and industrial automation

- The market for construction steel and steel pipes

- Composite and plastic pipes

- Heat exchangers for heating, energy and industry

- Industrial hoses, connectors and quick couplers for industry

- Automation, controlling, visualization and billing systems

- IT systems dedicated to the fuel and energy industry, GIS systems and network passporting

- Automation and IT solutions for Energy Market participants

- Optimization of production and consumption of fuels and energy

- Computer design systems and solutions

- The possibilities and benefits of modeling information in BIM technology - from concept, through design, creation construction building and operation

- BIM technology projects in the field of architecture, construction and installation

- Progress and market position and access to information in the industrial economy

- Advisory, financial, technical and legal services

- Products, devices, services and technologies for the above mentioned matters


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